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Lots have water, sewer, electrical and buried communication lines. Lots are finished with gravel. You purchase the lot and landscape it as you wish (following our covenants.) Many lot owners build a shed (10′ x 12′) maximum and add concrete to their lot. Our setbacks are five feet at front of lots / four feet on the sides and rear lot.

Terms: 10% Down / 10 year Contract / 6% Interest – We hold the contract.

            10% Discount for Cash

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Plat 1 Lot 278
2007 Furnished Chariot Eagle Park Model
on Mature Lot.  Includes Concrete, Shed,
Misc. Items and Retractable Awning for park model.


Plat 4 Stage 1 Lot 754

45′ x 75′ Lot
This lot has concrete on half of the lot-
The lot looks toward Haystack Peaks
A lot waiting for you to move onto and enjoy.



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